Drones are gradually becoming more popular by the day. They are fun to fly around; both for professional and entertainment use. With this popularity, however, you do not need to spend a fortune to get the best drone in the market. Nowadays, with just less than $100, you can acquire a highly, effectively functioning drone that will serve you to the fullest, and to the standards you require and the functionalities that you are looking for.
Whether you are looking for drones with a camera for taking pictures from inaccessible areas, or one with powerful mobility features, it is possible to have one at a friendly cost. With this, even if you are running on a tight budget, you can still purchase a drone of your dream. Fortunately, a handful of drones are available in that category and given below is a list of some of the best drones under $100 that are specifically designed to suit your pocket!

The Hubsan X4 is available in various models: the H107D X4 mini and the H107C. Despite its low cost, this drone is rated as a high-performing drone. This is so due to its ability to flip in four ways (right, left, backwards and forward) making it suitable for stunts. It boasts powerful motors that support an SD camera with a 720X480 resolution. In addition to this, this drone has a discretionary propeller guard that protects the motors and props from breaking. And with an estimated flight time of 7 minutes over a range of 100 meters, it operates with a removable battery. Without doubt, and with these features at this low cost, the Hubsan X4 is deemed among the best quadcopter in the current drone market.

The holy stone drone is a must have. It is well known for its strong built-in material and crash cage that can sustain reasonable crashes and fall downs without breaking apart. Additionally, it is equipped with a tracking security system that prevents the drone from getting lost. The drone comes with two copter’s batteries that run for about 8 minutes, and charges for approximately 80 minutes. Moreover, this drone comes with free 2GB SD card making it more efficient. It is rated as one of the Best drones with a camera suitable for paparazzi and professional photography owing to its easy flip button.

The Sky Viper Nano Drone is only 2.75″ from blade to blade; making it easy to use both indoors and outdoors. This drone has a long lasting battery and easier to use for beginners due to its adjustable sensitivity and less required controlling concentration. It is a powerful and high-performing drone but flips over easily hence not suitable for supporting heavy cameras. Additionally, it has a High Performance 2.4 GHz Transmitter and a long range spread spectrum up to 200 feet away.

The Estes Syncro X is one of the cheapest and smallest (compared to the size of a quarter) commercially available best quadcopter. It is efficient and easy to use. However, its battery is hard to remove thus making it unsuitable for frequent changing. Besides, the Este Syncro-X has a charging time of about 40 minutes and flies for 4-6 minutes. The Estes Syncro X body is Plastic with a window and trim detail LED light. This shows the difference between its front and back thus can be comfortably used in low light flying.

This has Lithium Polymer battery ( LiPo in short ) which is more powerful and lighter than the other conventional ones. And it supports charging using USB cord.


This drone is best known for its easy manoeuvres. Despite its low price, it comes with a 2MP camera with video capabilities. It is suitable for beginners as it has steady flight characteristics making it easy to fly. Like most drones, it can perform a 360 flip. It’s charging time is about 100mins and flies for approximately 5-8mins. With the Syma X5C, you can be sure that you have the best quadcopter.

This Quadcopter is best known as the Best Drone for Advanced Beginners. It uses the Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope technology (SAFE TECHNOLOGY). Not only does it aid the pilot in preventing crashes but also in taking off. It is small in size thus suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Similarly, it is fitted with blade guards and tough light air-frames. Switching the SAFE system to agility mode leads to a faster speed of flying (approximately 10 minutes) and easy manoeuvre.



With this in mind, selecting the best drone for your tight budget will never be a difficult task. So, having read some reviews which drone should you go for? it all depends on whether you are a novice or an expert. If you are a first timer with no flying experience and eager to develop drone flying as a hobby, then you should start with a small drone like Hubsan X4 or the Estes Syncro X that also costs less; once you start using it, you will know whether you really want to develop this hobby further or it was a flash in the pan!. If this indeed happens to be your cup of tea, then you can upgrade to those having a good camera system. Hopefully, these guidelines will ensure you end up with the drone of your dream !!



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