Airborne tech machines, popularly called ‘Drones’, are the latest and greatest craze in the technology arena where individuals with special interest in aerial photography get involved with. But, what if we are interested in under water photography for either security purpose or studying marine life ? These aerial drones cannot help much as they cannot be used under water; so what choices do hobbyists with interest in under water exploration have? Well, fret not; here comes RC submarines to the rescue!

RC cars and drones are the most popular gadgets in the RC world. Radio-controlled submarines are the new hot toys on the market. There is a wide variety of RC submarines, each differing from the others in terms of build quality, features and the price tag.

High-end RC submarines cost thousands of dollars, and if you are looking for the one with an HD camera, it’s only going to be more expensive. However, most of these gadgets offer fair value for money, because of the possibilities it offers for exploring the underwater world.

Well, if you are thinking of possible use cases for RC submarines, there are a lot! Its uses include under water photography for hobbyists, streaming real time pictures on the conditions under water, security checks and surveillance purposes, under boat inspection, inspection of pier, finding fish etc and lot more. Depending on your need, you may look for a specific model as the price of these models vary accordingly.

In the same spirit, given below, are some of the best RC submarines with cameras.


AquaBotix 8GB HydroView Remote Controlled Underwater Vehicle Video & HD Photos


This submarine from Aquabotix is definitely one of the best RC submarines on the market. This radio-controlled gadget is rated as submersible and waterproof. Its HD camera is what makes it stand out from other RC submarines. Furthermore, an 8 GB memory card is included in the packaging to store everything. The device comes with a 75 foot long cable, which is expandable.

This handy unit also comes with a waterproof carrying case to store it while it is not in use.


  • You can control this device wirelessly via your iPad, PC or Mac computer.
  • The submarine is capable of going where man cannot, and has lots of functions like view hull, fish, assess rudder, inspect anchor, evaluate sea wall, inspect sea floor, and much more.
  • It also comes with LED lights. Underwater darkness is not going to be a problem.


  • Although memory cards are easily available, for the price of the device, the company should have included a larger storage unit. 8 GB isn’t much when you are recording videos in 1080p HD quality.
  • The device is not easily affordable.

This drone from Aquabotix is the  complete package. The device is versatile with a strong build and intuitive design. Also, it is lightweight, which makes its transport and handling even easier. This gadget is perfect for exploring and discovering the underwater world and it can be easily controlled via Wi-Fi.

The Aquabotix RC submarine is quite expensive, but its ability to go where man can’t makes it superb value for money. Keep in mind that it’s essentially intended for professional underwater explorers, so if you are a rookie looking for a toy, there’s no point in splashing out so much cash.

HydroView Pro 7M/AQ ROV Camera for Aquaculture Applications

The HydroView Pro ROV is a portable and compact RC submarine from Aquabotix. The gadget has been constructed well to withstand up to 1-2.5 knots of pressure, depending on the one you choose among the three models on offer from the company. Maneuverability is flexible with 6 degrees of freedom of motion. The company claims it takes just 3 minutes to deploy the unit, and it can continuously operate for 3 hours.

The unit can be maneuvered in all directions. The three different models available are the 5MWI for water inspection, the 7M/AQ for aquaculture, and the 7M/SLE for security and law enforcement. The features go up from first to third and so do the prices.


  • It comes with lumens lighting powerful enough to pierce through underwater darkness. The lighting ranges from 1400–2800 lumens depending on the model.
  • The company also provides custom options that include a USBL positioning sensor, cable options and extensions, AC power, a grabber arm, environmental sensors and compact imaging/scanning sonar.
  • The SLE version also comes with 256GB solid state drive/memory that can record more than 17 hours of video.
  • All the models comes with a wide angle 1080p HD camera, so as not compromise on the photo quality.


  • There are three different models with different price tags and features, which can be confusing. Choose the model based on your requirements rather than the extra features you won’t need. These are sure to be expensive, so pre-plan your budget accordingly.

The HydroView Pro ROV is a magnificent product from Aquabotix. The gadget is compatible with wireless control along with company provided remote control. The design is intuitive. The ‘pro’ in its name literally means professional, as it’s meant for professional underwater exploring. It’s available with 5–8 motors with a wide range of upgrade options when it comes to features.

Be prepared to splash out some serious dough for this one, as it’s an amazing high-end model with the best features you could find.


The first product on our list is also the best product. The AquaBotix HydroView features a sporty design, comes with an HD camera and a standard 75 foot cable. The reason it’s on top is because it has no loopholes for complaints whatsoever, and there hasn’t been any bad-mouthing about the product from any customers.

Almost equally amazing alternatives for RC submarine enthusiasts is the HydroView Pro ROV (another product from Aquabotix). Both of these products are right up there among the bests.

Since, these products are so similar to one another, with few features varying among them, you will have to properly study the features, pros, and cons of each of the products in order to make an informed decision. Make sure the product you choose is able to fulfill your requirements because choosing the right model should depend on the requirements at hand, and not on the feature set provided by these models.


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